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To search the Whois database, please select the type of query result you want and input the string you wish to search. If you are searching for a .name domain, select "domain" and enter the fully qualified domain name (e.g., in the field below and press 'SEARCH'.

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By submitting the query specified above, you hereby declare that you are requesting this data for lawful purposes. Verisign, Inc. ("Verisign"), the Registry Operator for the .NAME top level domain, reserves the right to revoke access for any requestor found to be using the Whois data returned by this search for marketing purposes, spamming, or other improper or unlawful purposes.The data contained in any Whois search is provided to you solely for the purpose of assisting you in determining the contents of a registration recorded in Verisign's registry database.

You are prohibited from distributing the results of this search to any third party.

You acknowledge that the improper use of data available from the Whois search may be a violation of data protection and privacy laws in certain jurisdictions. Verisign reserves the right to withhold access to the .NAME Whois service and/or any search of the .NAME Whois service at any time. Verisign also reserves the right to change these terms and conditions without notice at any time.

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